Who is an easy scientist to do a report on?

Who is an easy scientist to do a report on?
I have to write a 5 paragraph essay on a scientist. I’ve tried Madame Curie, Charles Darwin, Galileo, and Robert Hooke, but are all too difficult to write about. Please help me as this essay is due tomorrow!

How about Ibn al-Haytham? He was a medieval Muslim scholar who overcame bouts of mental illness to develop the scientific method two hundred years before the Europeans learned of it—by reading his books. Born in Basra (located in what is now Iraq) in 965, Ibn al-Haytham first studied theology, trying unsuccessfully to resolve the differences between the Shi’ah and Sunnah sects. He turned his attention to the works of the ancient Greeks. He was the first person to apply algebra to geometry, founding the branch of mathematics known as analytic geometry. He traveled to Egypt to build a dam on the Nile, failed, and ended up imprisoned in Cairo for ten years. During this time he began systematically testing hypotheses with experiments, the core of the scientific method. His development of the scientific method changed the world. The only full biography of him is “Ibn al-Haytham: First Scientist” by Bradley Steffens. You can find reviews of the book and a sample chapter at… There is more information on the home page. Good luck!