Who took the SAT? Did you survive D:?

Who took the SAT? Did you survive D:?
So I was wondering actually how hard is the SAT? How did you study for it? 🙂
Thank you!

I took it in the beggining of may, so not too long ago. I got one of those giant sat books from the library, and i suggest you do the same. You cant really study for the essay or english except with example problems from said book. However where i struggled was the math section. I am not very good at taking everything ive learnt since algebra one and remembering it all, so i suggest you study up on the math.

As for surviving, i was super nervous!! i thought i was going to die. Main thing is time managment, make sure you have a watch or can see the clock, and dont freak yourself out! you can always take them again as many times as you want. You’re obviously going to be nervous or antsy but try your best to remain calm and honeslty just do the best you can :)))