Wht to write about for this essay?!?

Wht to write about for this essay?!?
I have to write I 5 paragraph essay on a person I admire and I am stumped!! I need 3 reasons why this person is admirable 🙂 any ideas?? 🙂

It can be one of your immediate family member, a celebrity, a person in politics, etc. I think that my brother admires me because of the fact that I am the only one who can understand the process of college, help him with papers, overall anything that involves school. My mom seems uninterested in our grades and stuff, which I am glad to help my brother because education is important. The first paragraph is your intro, so preview what you will talk about. Second paragraph, talk about their personality. Why is this particular person so special that you admire them. Third paragraph, talk about how they affected your life and what made you admire them. Fourth paragraph talk about how this changed your view about something (for example, if someone’s family doesn’t press education as being important they will most likely not take school serious, but if someone else helps them through and shows them a different side of this they will begin to realize it’s important.) Or it could be about has this changed you as a person all because this one person was in your life and how it could be different if they weren’t. Then Conclude. If you need more help or want me to revise it e-mail me [email protected] (NO Attachments).