Why are Americans Destroying their Language?

Why are Americans Destroying their Language?
I am not a native speaker of the english language but i have been studying it for almost 20 years now. I have an MA in Applied Translation Studies and I had this question I want to ask to any American who would like to answer:
Why are you destroying your language? I have been browsing through Yahoo Answers these past weeks and I saw things I cannot understand….
I see people stating questions using chat speak. I see people that cannot write common words properly… I see misused syntax and grammar… Is this intentional? Or is it mainly a trend followed by younger Americans that simply do not receive proper education?
I know that most Yahoo users are American so i assume that most of the errors I see are made by them…
Maybe i am wrong…
But it makes me dissapointed to see things like:
imho / btw / idk / whats going onn? / i nd 2 spk 2 u / c u l8r /
I can understand the usefulness of chat speak…
But i really hope you dont kill your language in the long run…

It’s found just in younger Americans. (And Canadians) This is because most of our (their) time is spent chatting on such things like MSN, My Space, AOL, etc. For whatever reason, these teens feel that they do not need to employ proper grammar when talking to their friends. Hence, expressions such as imho and btw have been invented.

I do understand how imho can save time as “in my humble opinion” is quite a bit longer than the abbreviation.

However, what I do NOT understand is the use of ‘u’ and ‘r’ and the like. Really, it takes a second to type out ‘you’. It takes a fraction of a second to type of ‘u’. Are people who use this type of chatspeak really so busy that they cannot spare a fraction of a second? Really, if you have no time to type out full words, you should not even be on MSN or MySpace.

I am like you. I hope that such a habit does not ruin the English language – as it is really a beautiful language. Chatspeak has spread even into the classrooms where some teachers have received essays with ‘u’ in them – teenagers are so used to typing ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ that they now do it unintentionally!

That is truly sad. I’m a teenager but I still type out words on MSN. I like to be understood. I can’t be bothered to read ‘wht did u do 2day’

Besides, it really takes longer to type out the short form of words than the actual word itself. It is like lying – your brain first thinks of the proper word (the truth) and then it has to think of the way to make it shorter (the lie).