Why are different languages so important?

Why are different languages so important?
I need to write an essay on language and decided to write about how important it is to speak different languages. I ran out of inspiration so please help! Can you please add a source too, besides yourself?

1. (the obvious) It helps you with your career and allows you to communicate with more people.
2. People actually think differently in different languages. They give you new perspectives and sometimes languages have phrases or words that are unique to that language.
3. It’s difficult not to learn about culture while learning a language. So new languages also usually means learning about different parts of the world and their people.
4. More media to enjoy. This might be a minor one, but think of all the extra books, movies, music, etc. that you can enjoy if you know more languages!
5. It would make traveling much more enjoyable.
6. It looks (or rather, sounds) impressive. So basically, bragging rights. 😛