Why chocolate is considered a drug.?

Why chocolate is considered a drug.?
I am writing an essay on why chocolate is a drug and I have to set a criteria for what a drug is and say how chocolate fits in the criteria. HELP!!!!

The only physically addictive agent in chocolate that I am aware of is caffeine, however chocolate is often referred to as “addictive”. Is it physically addictive? Perhaps, since for “chocoholics” chocolate gives them a sort of high due to the release of dopamine, which causes the sensation of pleasure. (kind of like chili heads who crave hotter and hotter chilies to get that high caused by the release of endorphins) So the “addiction” is to the sense of pleasure derived from eating the chocolate, but likely not from a chemical component in the chocolate itself. For your report I would explore the psychological side of chocolate “addiction” and only briefly touch on the physical one.

F.Y.I. chocolate, in moderation, is extremely healthy and rich in antioxidants.…