why choose pharmacy and not doctor or nursing?

why choose pharmacy and not doctor or nursing?
help me how to build up an answer for this, how to answer it, what to include. any experienced pharmacist or anyone come across this question can help me?

Being a Pharmacist is far different than becoming a nurse or a doctor (which are pretty different themselves, too). Why not look up what each profession specifically does and make your point from that info. While a pre-pharmacy track and a pre-med track have a lot of similarities, the careers are quite different (obviously). Use the “job descriptions” of each career, the education necessary (look up the requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Pre-Pharm curriculum, and a BS in Biology (common for Med School applicants) at a state or private university in your area and notice the difference. Add that to what I already recommended as far as what each job entails and put in your own experiences with each profession and you should be able to formulate a nice essay answer of your own.