Why did you choose to go to IB?

Why did you choose to go to IB?
Hi… i am going to apply for Pre IB(International Baccalaureate) this year. On the application form, it says that I have to write a 500 word essay including why i would want to got to IB… well i am not really sure why i want to go… so i want to hear why you people who went to IB chose to do so. Please reply asap.

I chose it because I was able to get a higher priority in my classes, and all of my classes prepare me for college. With IB, you get main priority, and you are recognized as a “higher-level” student, and you are treated as one compared to just regular classes. You are able to interact with your teachers on and one on one surface. And, you get classes you are not able to get in regular courses. You are able to challenge yourself and push yourself to the limit. You can get courses you normally cannot get into until you are a sophomore. So, therefore, you have more opportunities to further yourself through-out your four years. :]
best of luck.