“Why did you choose your career?”?

“Why did you choose your career?”?
I’m not English speaker, I’m going to take a medical school entrance exam next week. There’s a English writing in the written part of the exam that I should write one or two paragraphs essay about “why did I choose my career?”

Could someone please write me a nice short sample essay about this title, Why did you choose your career?
I’d like to write an impressive English writing,
I’d really appreciate your helps
Thanks in advance

Maybe say something along the lines of…

Well, I’ve dreamt on going to medical school for a long time now. I’ve always loved helping people, wether it be small, or large tasks. As where becoming a doctor, or even nurse, I can help those truly in need. No matter what obstacles are thrown at me, I clear right threw them. I’m the type of person who always gives 100%……. Etc, etc..
But yeah, I’m not saying use this exactly… Since it was written within a minute, and this is an important time in someones life. Those are really just some topics, and examples over writing and essays.

Just be sure to be careful placing your words. Try and use correct spelling, grammar, and past or present tenses.

Also, NEVER under sell yourself in these type of essays. Always be sure to write your words confidently!

~Hope I helped