Why do I feel this way towards school?

Why do I feel this way towards school?
Every day I wake up totally pissed off or really upset that I have to go to school. I absolutely hate it. People don’t bully me, people don’t talk about me behind my back, I have friends but I have everybody there. They all talk to me and I just want to be left alone. I’ve told them this before but they just simply will not shut their ignorant mouths. I am in 9th grade, (15,) I am absolutely fed up with my teachers. They all make me feel like I cannot accomplish a damned thing. Sometimes it feels like they do this on purpose. I seem to always be failing in math especially, even when I am trying. I hate just waking up and going to school because I know I am not going to make a living in life, I’m probably going to end up some homeless loser. Why am I even trying to put up with this shithole? School just makes me feel even ore miserable about waking up in the goddam morning.

Well, your definitly not iliterate, but who can be with all the grammer nazi around -lol. Okay, all seriousness, I do understand where your coming from, so why not take online schooling?

I wasn’t capable of doing good in school when i went to school, same as you, and I hated waking up in the morning (So F much).

As soon as I took online schooling (long process, even pretend to commit suicide to get it done -lol)
Soon as i took the online schooling, I felt so much better, and I skip a grade actually. Since there was no deadline for the assignment, I could finish it whenever I want, I slack a few week in feeling like I might fail at life because I can’t do online schooling either, but I told myself i’ll give it a try atleast a month. Surely enough I love school now, simply cause I’m not compare to other student how stupid I am, I can research and take all time I need to learn about doing stuff. Example, I use to suck, and couldn’t even start an essay, but now I love it! I even go to libabary, and take charge of my learning now, I feel like I could really benefit from this, and even go university and become a psychologist now, very different confident than from before I was going to school normally.

I wake up late for the first month, but that change when I found out school was acutally easy once the bit-chy teacher were off me, peer-competivness (boyfriends, being pretty), all that crap was gone. So, yeah.. Take online schooling, its awsome 😀

I’ll fan you, so if you have any question just post a question (ill keep check and ill answer), because getting online schooling can be a little tedious work; mine was (like i said i fake suicide to get online schooling)