Why do I suck in in school so much?

Why do I suck in in school so much?
Im a senior in high school and I have 2 D’s. One for an AP Government class and one for math. These are my very first D’s in my life. I study so hard, yet I get these grades. I am in danger of failing and if I fail a class i cant graduate…. I want to attend a state university. I am seriously pissed off right now. I try harder and I still suck. What can I do to boost these grades up? I feel like this is the end for me.

First thought: you shouldn’t need AP courses to graduate–you might see what else you could take.

Second thought: check into how you are studying. It’s not so much how hard you try or how much time you spend studying but HOW you study that makes the biggest difference. The library has all kinds of books on study tips and the like. Some recommended titles: How to Study, What Smart Students Know.

The main thing is to CONSTANTLY review your work so that you don’t really have to study once test time comes. Know the stuff inside and out. Be able to babble it off to someone. To reach that point, you may need to rewrite your notes in a variety of ways to keep the information straight. This isn’t about MEMORIZING, it’s about knowing and understanding. Be able to ask questions about the material (thinking of your govt. class) based on who, what, where, when, why how and have the answers.

You may also need to look at how to take tests and write essays, especially for that govt class.

For the math, it’s practice, practice, practice. Find extra help books at the library. Go back and review things from the past if those elements are messing you up. If your teacher isn’t assigning every question in your text, DO every question in your text. To prepare for tests, redo all the questions you can.