Why do you do these kids’ homework?

Why do you do these kids’ homework?
I truly don’t understand why you do these kids’ work for them. Not those of you who help — with explanations, examples, research leads, proofreading, etc. But when the kids post a verbatim assignment and you do it for them. Or you write their paragraphs and essays. Why? Do you think it helps them learn? Do you want to show off what you know? I’m really curious as to the motivation because quite frankly, it makes no sense to me.

I agree. I’m only answering this question because it appeared on the homepage. I don’t even bother to search this section.

I refuse to help with English or history assignments. I figured it out on my own, so can they. Some of my friends are teachers, and I’ve looked over the work they assign; it is NO more difficult than mine was, and I didn’t graduate high school too long ago.

Physics, mathematics, and chemistry (my specialties) are, I admit, a bit tricky and CAN depend on the quality of the instructor. When I answer a question like this, I make sure to use only symbols and as much explanation as possible, by describing the steps and why they are necessary. I DO NOT just give the equations and numbers to copy down, which is, of course, precisely what most of these kids are looking for.

Essentially, I provide an answer that CANNOT be just copied down and accepted by an instructor as the student’s own work. To be of any value, my answers MUST be interpreted and analyzed with at least SOME understanding of the material necessary to complete the problem.

I just laugh at the kids who type verbatim the assignment and the question, with no explanation of what they’ve done or any indication that they DON’T expect you to do their work for them. And then I cry because they’ll never learn and I fear for the future.