why do you guys want to go to japan?

why do you guys want to go to japan?
im writing an essay on why do people go to japan and why is it so fascinating (obviously anime is one of them ha-ha) but i wanna know more… the culture? the food? the way they act? so i just decided to ask you guys: what do you like about it? why? when did you get interested in it? are you planning to go soon? anything would help, be as detailed as possible if you can 😀

Well for me, there are many reasons!

I first got interest and knowledge about Japan from a class I took many many years ago (like elementary school I think?) that dabbled in several languages (Spanish, French, German and Japanese) I really came to appreciate and want to learn about different cultures and languages around the world. Then on, I’ve studied French for about 5 years as I’ve loved the culture (I still do and another thing, it was offered much more widely than Japanese- which is only offered in one college near me)

At the same time I was growing tired with French, some friends of mine reintroduced me to Japan through anime and manga.. It was fine ( i didn’t care that much either way), but it wasn’t until I discovered Japanese music on my own (not just generic jpop) that I really was able to grow so passionate about wanting to travel to Japan.

I really love Japanese music and it is my passion. And because of this, I’ve become invested with learning the language. Before discovering some music I really love, I actually thought I /didn’t/ like music (with the onslaught of “popular” American music). I’d love to go to Japan to see my favorite bands live (many don’t leave Japan) and also, it’d be great to buy various cds and stuff without obscene shipping costs! >< LOL And did I mention karaoke bars?! 😀 I sooo wanna go to one!! ..and there willl actually will be songs I know and love xDD Other stuff~~~ I love Japan's culture, and how traditional aspects meet the modern parts of today. I really love the rich history and ceremonies, temples and stuff like that, it is impossibly interesting to me. Also, the fact Japan has such similar, but yet very different cultural implications than the U.S. also intrigues me. And another thing, I've found it very interesting to find my personal habits etc.. are more "Japanese" than "American". I'm pretty quiet and don't like to express my opinions openly, like "breaking from the group" and I nod or just go "hmm" in agreement or such when people ask me a yes/no question.. and I also can't stand when people wear their shoes in my house LOL.. I'm certain it isn't me trying to "be" Japanese, I just find my habits are more Japanese, which is kinda weird I suppose. o_o I love the Harajuku/ Shibuya fashion for teens and in Japan you can actually wear an elaborate Lolita dress and not be such a "weirdo"-- more accepting in this respect. (...although i'll be a "gaijin", so i'll still be "different" LOL) I also tend to find Japanese guys attractive LOL, but it isn't at all /the/ reason I wanna go nor is it a top reason! I guess finally I'll just mention Japanese food is great too! I love it all and I know it'd be easier to eat healthier in Japan, with food I really like to eat! 😀 I can't stand fast food >_>;;

I know all these positive things about Japan, which is why I’d like to go, but I’m also fully aware of the negatives.. so i’m not naively thinking “Japan is the best place ever where bad things never happen” like some people~ but I’m willing to really experience the culture first hand and have great experiences that I can remember for the rest of my life! 😀 I don’t know when I’ll be able to go and i need to finish schooling, but it is definitely my intent to go in the near future!