Why do you use alternative medicine?

Why do you use alternative medicine?
I am writing an essay for a humanities English course on alternative medicine and would like to get some input from people who choose alternative treatments instead of (or in addition to) mainstream medicine.

The overarching criticism of alternative medicine is that much of it is simply not backed by enough (or any) evidence. How do you respond to these critics? What standards do you use to determine which alternative treatments are reliable, safe, and effective? What are your biggest concerns regarding “mainsteam” medicine?

I really appreciate your comments.

I don’t use it.

It’s only alternative because it hasn’t been proven to work, or it has been proven not to work.

Or side effects, risks, interactions and contradictions aren’t established.

Or its a scam – like detox footpads, ear candles, crystal healing energy or chakra balancing.

Or it’s downright dangerous like colloidal silver.

Or its complete and absolute BS quackery like homeopathy.

Or you have to invoke the supernatural to explain it.

Or promoters use pseudoscience, anecdotes or conspiracy theories to sell it.

Yes there are some concerns with ‘mainstream’ – but one must question everything and when it comes down to health care, I’m sticking with evidence based medicine and properly trained health care professionals.