Why does my school deserve to win this free prom?

Why does my school deserve to win this free prom?
I have no idea how to approach this essay prompt.
How can I say that we deserve it without groveling?

Do some research. Find out some examples of when your school gave back to the community. This includes volunteer programs, charity drives, etc.
What’s your school’s budget like? Is the school in need of a break? Have you had to organize fund raisers for after school programs, arts programs, class functions, and the like?
Also, focus on the students. Prom and final exams fall right around each other. The students deserve a treat for all their hard work. Also, having to raise funds for a prom could take away from studies; a free prom opens up more time to devote to finals. Mention how far the kids have come, how much they’ve given to the school during the last few years.
You don’t need to grovel, just state the facts. With enough research, I’m sure you can find plenty of supporting arguments.