Why does the government want to cut art programs first, anyways?

Why does the government want to cut art programs first, anyways?
I’m writing a persuasive essay on keeping arts programs in schools, and I was wondering why they want to cut them to begin with? Why are they the first to go?

To be bluntly honest and rude to certain people, society is being severely dumbed down. The sad part being the people I am referring to are too clueless to realise it is them I am talking about.

So, things like art, drama, and music [except for band cause it has to do with sports and they love their sports] are cut from schools.
I suppose the primary reason is that even though everyone knows schools are necessary, no one wants to fund them. Smaller budgets means curriculum cuts which means things that are “elitist” and “snobby” such at courses related to the arts get cut first. Teachers get paid less and have to do more. Our education system is terrible. This is why when the US gets compared to other industrialized nations in the world regarding standardized tests scores, we’re always near the bottom. It is sad and pathetic and is a result of people getting lazier and dumber. It is far easier to fill out some forms and get a handout from the government than it is to actually put effort into learning stuff–especially if that stuff is something as un-cool as the arts.