Why Idioms are Important?

Why Idioms are Important?
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Idioms are a pert of the figurative language.
Idioms make a language sound very creative, and can also get others to think and figure out what the person who is using the idiom might mean.
Using the Literal language (as in saying things directly without any creativity) sounds very common, and it seems a bit boring when they are used in story books.
Idioms in a context makes the context seem very nice and creative.
Often the good writers use idiomatic expressions, and sometimes they have a different meaning. It’s mostly a challenging thing, and using idioms in your Language essays will earn you more marks and a better impression, so learning idioms is very important.
People appreciate creativity, and using idioms in your writing an help you with your language skills, and also help you understand the meaning when someone else uses them in their speech.

•Reach The Parting of the ways:
This idiom is easy to understand, and it sounds better and also has a feeling in it.
It sounds more emotional and a reader can actually feel the feelings the writer is trying to describe when the writer writes that “Tom and Jane had reached the parting of the ways”.
But does it sound better when the writer says “Tom and Jane ended their relationship.”?
Yes, it’s easy to understand, but there’s a different feeling in the idiomatic expression.

•Hit the nail on the head:
It means that to be absolutely accurate or exact.
It sounds better when someone says: “You’ve hit the nail on the head!”
Does it sound better when they simply say “Your answer is accurate?”
The idiomatic expression also reflects some kind of energy. You can understand that the person saying is saying excitedly.

Idioms are not always used to make things seem simpler, like the other user above me has mentioned.
Some idioms are really complicated, and they do not mean what they sound like.

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