Why is China called “Hidden Dragon” and India “Crouching Tiger?”?

Why is China called “Hidden Dragon” and India “Crouching Tiger?”?
This is for a compare and contrast essay on both country’s economic growth and how they feed such large populations. I thought both names would be a good title but I don’t know why the countries are nicknamed this. I need to know as soon as possible. If you have any sources to back up your explanation that would be very helpful. Please let me know. Thanks.

The name’s are just to grasp the attention of a prospective buyer of the book. It was so used because the national animalof India is the Tiger and China is associated with Dragons.
If you really want the economical angle, then China is the hareand India is the elephant ( Here the speed of the respective animals is used as a metaphor to gauge economic growth)
Edit: Crouching and hidden are used because two decades agohad anyone said that India and China would be economic powerhouses,the western countries would have rolled over laughing.Hence it denotes the ‘surprise’ element.