Why is poetry essential for childrens development?!?

Why is poetry essential for childrens development?!?
im writing an essay about creative and aesthetics for children, poetry is the section im a little stuck on, does anyone no any useful websites that would be helpful to me 🙂 thanks

I don’t know of any websites, but here are some things to consider:

Sound impact: Rhyming poetry is pleasing, frequently soothing, and has a cadence, which children respond to (take Dr. Seuss as an example). Many therapists find that autistic children respond to poetry better than simple verbiage, so that might be an avenue you could explore.

Memory impact: Rhyming poetry with cadence makes memorization easier (think back to your learning the ABCs when it was done sing-songy to help you learn). As a child, my mother would take lessons and rhyme them for me, or sing them, and the information stuck much better. Think of the little informative things that you remember that rhyme or have alliteration — “righty tightie, lefty loosie;” “red sky at night, sailor’s delight…” and so on. You probably learned most of these as a child.

Brain diffusion: I am dyslexic, and from my own experience with other dyslexics, the cadence of poetry (even non-rhyming poetry) helps the brain absorb better. As poetry is written in stanzas, the impact is stronger, whether someone is dyslexic or not. For me, it helped me recognize words better. When a child is encouraged to write poetry, it makes the brain ‘look’ for words (particularly to rhyme), and anything that stimulates brain activity in a child is a good thing. Where a child might find an essay daunting, a few lines of poetry are often easier — and a lot more fun.

Beauty and the soul: Even something dramatic (and somewhat depressing) like Poe’s Raven is rich in flavor. While a reader or listener might not realize it, poetry touches the soul. As poetry frequently uses alliteration and onomatopoeias, it reinforces learning and comprehension in a short amount of time. And as for the soul, one only has to think back to the generations of young women and girls who have sighed to the words, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….” There is (usually) the gentleness of a lullaby in poetry, and if there is anything our world and our children need more of right now, it is how to view the world with gentleness and warmth.

I hope this helps in your essay quest,
And most of all I wish you the best.
For, all mankind should plainly see
The importance of reading good poetry.