Why is the ocean an important ecosystem?

Why is the ocean an important ecosystem?
I’m writing an essay at school and I need to know why the ocean is an important ecosystem. As apart of my marks I need to show research and, well, this is my research. I can’t find it anywhere else on the net. Please, help.


The ocean is an important part of the ecosystem because the earth is 71% ocean. everyone and everything rely on the ocean. we get our food from the ocean marine animals live in the ocean (obviously) lol if the ocean is contaminated think the gulf coast oil spill… many people and animals get affected because oil contains toxic chemicals and metals.5 quarts of oil can damage a million gallons of water. many seafood restaurants had to shutdown so many people lost their jobs because you would not want to eat oily fish would you? marine birds would get it in their feathers ingest the oil and suffer kidney damage, liver failure, and irritated digestive tracts. spread the word one gallon of oil could damage gallons of water.try this get some old cooking oil and like a bucket of water or something pour the oil in the bucket and see how fast it spreads. and also many beaches along the gulf coast had to close because oil was washing up on the beaches. also it could take months or years to clean could be difficult because many people can still get sick even if they are trying to clean it up.