Why is the Patriot Act NOT a violation of the constitution!!?

Why is the Patriot Act NOT a violation of the constitution!!?
I have to write an essay and i ran out of ideas.

You are wrong! The Patriot Act is a violation of the Constituion!!

Wake Up!!!!!!

Here’s why:

One of the many unresolved issues of this election is what president elect Barack Obama will do regarding reform and repeal of drastic legislation pushed through by the Bush administration.

Although most American citizens don’t realize this, the legislation dramatically changed many aspects of our lives including the fundamental liberties that define our standing as Americans.

The Patriot Act was allegedly created for the purpose of counteracting terrorism. No question, this “Anti-Terrorism” law is nothing but a joke.

The Patriot Act allows the government to break into your home and conduct secret searches without telling you indefinitely. Incredibly, it also eliminates our right to Habeas Corpus, which has been considered a civil right for thousands of years.

Obama, Bush, and McCain view the Patriot Act as necessary, and have voting records to back that up. The only way to bring change to America is to elect leaders that want to restore the constitutional precepts of individual liberty, by halting the governments right to spy on citizens, and even to arrest and torture people without due process of law.

Clearly, Obama is a Wall Street puppet………….