Why is there pride in serving in our military?

Why is there pride in serving in our military?
I have to write an essay for my English class giving reasons why there is pride in serving in our military. I have a few ideas, but I definitely need some more. So you tell me, why do you think there is pride in serving? Please don’t say there isn’t, we aren’t allowed to say that. All of your help is greatly appreciated! (:

Less than 1% of America’s population has served in the military, Sworn to protect the other 99%. Less than 30% of America’s population is qualified to even join the Military (due to Legal,overweight, or medical issues and not being able to pass the testing required). so there’s a sense of pride in knowing that you are even eligible, and then to get past the stringent training and all the other aspects that come with serving.. but the very highest sense of pride I have is knowing that “someone” is on guard “someone is watching while everyone lives there lives. “someone” is protecting us, “someone” is missing there family so i can be with mine, well that “someone” is an American Soldier, and they have been serving from the colonial time to present, without hesitation they put our country’s protection on the top of the list of things to do….. Just my thoughts…. check out the link below