Why marijuana should not be legalized essay?

Why marijuana should not be legalized essay?
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I need help on this topic. Could you please help me to find some sources of any kind of bad consequences marijuana has?

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Well, for starters:

– The smoke does have carcinogens (all smoke from plants have carcinogens)
– It burns hotter than cigarettes, leading to more cillia damage in the throat.
– Is a gateway drug… HOWEVER, it is not the only one. Any drug taken first before a person tries another would technically be a gateway drug. Smoking pot does not mean you automatically take another drug. It ts referred to as a gateway drug cause most users of other, harder drugs started on pot.
– Though not physically addictive, it is mentally adictive.
– It’s medical uses are questionable. I don’t mean when used with cancer treatments to aid with nausea and minor pain. I mean with psycological disorders (depression, stress, etc.)
– The benefits of hemp are grossly over-estimated and sometimes flat-out wrong.