“Why material possessions are not a real source of happiness, peace and fulfillment”?

“Why material possessions are not a real source of happiness, peace and fulfillment”?
I have to write an essay about this quote based on a book and a movie that i already watched!! I just want to know you opinion. Can you help me?

Material possessions compared to feelings of security, peace of mind and that you have a purpose — is like comparing a one night stand to a lasting relationship.

You have immediate gratification when you buy something, but that satisfaction is fleeting. If you are attached to your material possessions then the only way to keep this ‘high’ is to own more. Attachment to material possessions is a primary cause of unhappiness because you are never satisfied with what you have.

This unfulfilled want is the source of many bankruptcies and home foreclosures.

There is nothing wrong with owning things, as long as you buy what you need, use what you need and don’t get caught in the game of comparing what you have to what others have.

The only people I know with true peace of mind spend at least as much time giving to others as they spend acquiring material possessions.

One benefit I learned from the military, every 2-3 years I move and drag everything in the house out for packing. Because there are weight limits everything must be assessed — “have I used it since the last move”, “do I have a need for it where I’m going?”, and if the answer is no, the question is “can a young Soldier or a friend use it more?” It is a great ritual that I recommend even if you don’t move often, it keeps you from filling your house full of clutter and reminds you that people are more important than things.