Why should America’s Veterans be honored?

Why should America’s Veterans be honored?
i have to write an essay with 400 words in it.

well tell you what go to a VA hospital and talk to the guys there or go to a VFW or American Legion hall and talk to those guys. As George stated if you can read thats a reason. Or how about like Jack said in Few Good Men… There will be wars who will go to those wars we provide a security blanket for people to sleep at night. Vets go to war so their familes dont have to, they go fight or die for that man next to them. What makes me mad is before 9/11 people could care less about the Military but now it oh thank you and good job. Thats why if you ask most Vets if they would go back to Iraq/Afghanistan or any other place they were in i bet most would thats why I went back in to go serve with my brothers in arms. Most could never understand why we think that and unless you humped a pack, walked in my boots, carried a weapon had blood on your hands they never will understand. Im sure if you want to know more most of the Vets on here would be glad to help you.
Semper Fi