Why shouldn’t schools have uniforms?

Why shouldn’t schools have uniforms?
My language teacher is making me right a five paragraph essay on:Why shouldn’t schools have uniforms? I would be very happy if you wrote the five paragraph essay for me. Because I’m not very a good student and I want an A in this. (Please no smart answers!) Whoever’s answer is the best will be the top answer. (Or you can give me ideas it would be mostly unlikely for me to vote you as the top answer but its as good as it’ll get)! 🙂

Because some kids in the school might not be able to purchase the uniform required, so they prefer to use the clothes they only have. For example in my shitty *** ******* school they only required uniform WITH the school patch this year to all students. What sucked was each ******* shirt cost 15 dollars each while in Old Navy they usually sell school shirts for 8 dollars. This had been a big issue in the school and a lot of students and parents complained of the idea of wearing a school shirt with the school patch.