why were the november criminals called so?

why were the november criminals called so?

The stab-in-the-back legend (German: Dolchstoßlegende ) is the notion, widely believed in right-wing circles in Germany after 1918, that the German Army did not lose World War I but was instead betrayed by the civilians on the home front, especially the republicans who overthrew the monarchy. Advocates denounced the German government leaders who signed the Armistice on November 11, 1918, as the “November Criminals”.

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A novel by Sam Munson The hero of the book is 18-year-old Addison Schacht, a high-school senior in Washington D.C. He is in the process of applying to the University of Chicago, where he plans to study classics. The book is his response to the essay question, “What are your best and worst qualities?”. He explains he has only bad qualities, as illustrated by the events of his senior year. They include collecting offensive jokes; dealing drugs to his classmates; and insulting teachers, fellow students, and his girlfriend’s mother. But his classmate Kevin Broadus is killed in a senseless shooting, and he begins to investigate the death.

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November Criminals are a five-piece band from South-East London comprising singer Tom Turner, guitarists Jack Archard and Jamie Clarke, bassist Charlie Hawkins, and drummer Sam Jackson. Formed in August 2008, We are currently writing and recording new material