why would i want to attend Northwestern?

why would i want to attend Northwestern?
what unique qualities of northwestern would make me want to go there? that’s the essay question… i have NO idea what to write about. the deadline is in 3 days. idk i just want to go there because it’s a good school, it’s by chicago, and the campus was nice? seriously though… anyone know any unique facts about northwestern that i could use as a starting point for my essay? help needed asap! thanks!

You are right in assuming that this essay question is important. Northwestern is so selective (< 27% of applicants are accepted) that the real question is why would Northwestern want YOU. I presume your stats are all stellar. Beyond that, showing through your essay that you are very aware (and "enamored") of NU's unique qualities will be a vital part of your application package. To that end, check out (full link provided below) which states: "Northwestern is truly a place unlike any other. Students consider themselves fortunate to have so many opportunities while pursuing their academic passions. Whether watching a Big Ten football game in the students’ section of Ryan Field, applauding peers in musical theater productions that rival Broadway shows, attending lectures from world famous professors, or dancing for thirty consecutive hours in Dance Marathon—the nation’s largest wholly-student-run philanthropy—Northwestern offers a variety of experiences outside, as well as inside, the classroom. "Northwestern has over 80 majors and 4,000 classes. World-class professors lecture to average class sizes of 25 students, with office hours and e-mail as options for communication outside of the classroom. With 7,800 undergraduate students and six different colleges within Northwestern, the school manages to retain a very personal, small school feel, while offering the resources of a prestigious university. "Students come from all 50 states and nearly 50 countries from around the world to join the Northwestern community, adding to the diverse and welcoming feel of the student body. Students have said that it is impossible to walk through the campus without seeing friends on the street, or having complete strangers smile at you. "With private beaches for Northwestern students to enjoy (especially during the spring months) and located within the confines of Evanston, the dining capital of the North Shore of Chicago, Northwestern provides a safe, enjoyable environment. And with the city of Chicago twenty minutes away, internship and job opportunities are extraordinary, as well as cultural options ranging from theater to museums to sporting events." Good luck to you.