Will I be accepted to Stanford with the following?

Will I be accepted to Stanford with the following?
I speak French fluently and I am the first person in my family to go to college. I have a weighted GPA of 4.12 academic GPA 3.7 unweighted . By the end of my senior I would have taken 13 exams passing 7 exams. I was the president of the French club and this year I am the president of the European Club. I played in the advanced Jazz band my junior year only because it was difficult( I played the piano). I took two other foreign languages at school. spanish 1-2,3-4,AP Language, this year AP Span lit.(only non-native in class), also took german 7-8 got a B both semesters(studied a lot over the summer). Language and music are my hobbies. However I was not in sports. I have a lot SAT of 1630/2400 and ACT composite 23. I did 50 hours community service. Volunteered 150 hours as teacher’s aide and outside work. I also went to Long Beach City college in the summer of my sophmore year to take Intermediate Algebra and Spanish 3. As a result I am in AP Span Lit. I am also in AP Calc with a B

Apply. The fact that you’re the first person to go to college in your family will probably help you more than any other. In your essay talk about how you’re going to turn that particular disadvantage into a motivating advantage. That’s your best hope.

Otherwise, you’re far from a shoe-in, but you never know.

Also, remember that admissions boards are sometimes out in space. Way too many people put too much emphasis on rankings. If you want an eye-opener, go research the Fortune 500 companies and check out where most of the corporate leadership went to school. You’ll be amazed at how many went to “substandard” schools. Ranking is one of the worst criteria to base where you go to school.