Will I get into New York University?

Will I get into New York University?
I am a senior in high school and have already applied. I have 3.7 GPA, I got a 1610 on my SATs (510 Reading 540 Math 560 Writing) I’ve taken all the top options my school allows for classes. except I did take some College Prep math classes. I’ve taken all honors/ap english, science, and history courses. I got a 3 on my AP Lang exam. I have all the extracurricular you could imagine. (Ski team, soccer, track, band, marching band, jazz band, french club, envirothon, Nation Honor Society, upward bound, explorer post, leos club, etc.) I have done a fair amount of volunteer work in the summer and I’ve been Vice President of my class for three years, and secretary of NHS for a year, and Treasurer of NHS for a year. I believe I have a strong essay as well.

I have heard back from Boston University, and I didn’t get accepted. I really don’t know where I could’ve gone wrong besides perhaps my SAT scores are kind of low. Do you think I have a chance at getting into NYU?

Why are you applying to TOP 100 Universities when you only have a Top 400 SAT Score?? Both of these schools get over 40,000 applications from applicants who have far more better scores than yours. Of course you didn’t get accepted into Boston University – you never had a chance from the start. Me thinks you spent far too much time playing in your activities and no time at all studying for your SATs.

When you apply to a large university, they first do an initial short list and basicly TOSS the applications where the students don’t even come close to the gpa or SAT requirements – they don’t even bother looking at your great extracurricular activities for this first pass-through. Yes, a great gpa and awesome extracurriculars can make up for an SAT score that is 50 points off of their minimum, but it won’t make up for an SAT score of more than 200 off of the minimum. When you apply to Universities, you need to be realistic and to do your homework on what the admission requirements actually are – not just what the minimum application requirements are.

NYU – For a sure acceptance, you would need: 3.4 unweighted cumulative and an 1850 SAT minimum
(The average SAT score of accepted students is a 2030)

Boston Univ – You would have needed a 3.3 unweighted cumulative and an 1850 SAT minimum (the average SAT score of accepted students is a 1970)

You would have the same problem if you tried to apply to the Univ of Syracuse.

There are a lot of SUNY schools that you can still get into.