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with any research project.
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Your Guinea Pig Is Here!
$19.95A new batch of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s personal account was released by WikiLeaks Monday. However, the message is far from a bombshell that will put her over the top, as they mostly just reveal what Podesta was involved in during the height of the 2016 campaign. The messages show that the Clintons were extremely tight-lipped about many of the events that took place during those tense final weeks, and that there was a lot of fear about the media, a lack of trust in Russia, and the “deplorables” (as Trump referred to them) who are so easily swayed by propaganda.
The emails also shed a glimpse into the state of Clinton’s campaign in the waning days of the campaign, as Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, was being interviewed by New York Magazine about the Trump campaign’s possible involvement with Russia.
It’s unclear how the emails were hacked, but the messages appear to have the hallmarks of being stolen; most were either sent by Podesta himself, or were attachments that were sent by staff.
One interesting exchange between Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign manager Robby Mook, as well as a “Russian hack” expert (and former State Department staffer), shows that the campaign was taking precautions against “Russia meddling” in the US presidential election by hiring someone with ties to Russian intelligence to help with the campaign’s “polling.”
The emails highlight the tight-lipped secrecy that surrounded the campaign’s approach to Trump and Russia, and its attempts to prevent voters from learning more about the Russian-backed hackers thought to have infiltrated the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign CEO John Podesta’s emails in the weeks before the election.
The documents included in the new email dump provide a look at the Clinton campaign’s paranoia to stop the story out of concern that it might end up helping Trump win the election. The Clinton camp feared leaks from Podesta’s emails could be used to prove the Russians were trying to help Trump come out on top of her, and that would undermine Clinton’s campaign.
In another email, an employee of Clinton’s campaign asked the Clinton Foundation’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri if she was worried that the DNC might ask the campaign for help leaking emails obtained through its hacked system.
“Can we give a quick heads up to folks on the inside” about any potential leaks, a longtime Clinton aide asked.
Palmieri responded that the Clinton Foundation had already asked about the possibility of damaging information coming out from the hackers and suggested that someone inside the campaign reach out to the Clinton Foundation. “Please relay to all of Nick’s contacts at the foundation, and all of Philippe’s contacts at the campaign,” she said.
In a March 24 email, Podesta forwarded an article about Podesta’s relationship with a Russian businessman that seemed to cast the campaign’s confidence in the Russians and “deplorable Americans” as overblown. Podesta said the article was meant to be helpful to Trump (who, at the time, was a candidate), writing, “Can we talk about this article in the article.”
“He says (in the article