With our services you will not only get the best assignment prices, but also find the right fit and assignment that fits your style and needs.

With our services you will not only get the best assignment prices, but also find the right fit and assignment that fits your style and needs.
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The professional services of Hire4Hire are designed to suit your needs, no matter what they might be. Whether it’s making assignments, making arrangements for a holiday, booking a flight, arranging your accommodation, finding you the best job and much more.From WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia.
“A lot of furries are closeted, which is why I’m not a furry.”
— Einhorn on why she’s a fursona-in-waiting
Einhorn (formally Erinex) was a furry who is a character in the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, who was named after her owner, Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll. She is a very talented mare, being able to perform very well with her talents.
Einhorn was one of three mares whom Rainbow Dash had to impress. After she “won” the competition, Einhorn’s sister came to visit her in hospital, and became very smitten. Upon finding out that Einhorn was only able to talk on par with other ponies’ languages, Fluttershy’s personality was completely changed and she didn’t like Einhorn at all. Although she eventually returned to being nice to Einhorn, she became very depressed and didn’t speak to her anymore. It took an act of honesty and bravery for her to speak honestly with her.[1]
Gallery [ edit ]
Twilight Sparkle telling Einhorn she is her friend, and she is her friend.
Einhorn, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy.
Einhorn and Fluttershy in “A Day in the Life”.
Einhorn and Rainbow Dash as seen in “A Friend In Deed”.
Einhorn speaking to her sister in the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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