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– Jason Momoa
When it became a matter of fact that the DC Cinematic Universe was going to include Wonder Woman, the question inevitably began: what would she be like in her own film in the DC Extended Universe? As we know, she’ll be starring alongside Aquaman in Justice League, but while we’ve seen plenty of Wonder Woman in animated features like Birds of Prey (which, of course, featured a great Wonder Woman in her own film), it would appear that Warner Bros. has bigger plans for her.
One name we’d heard bandied around in the rumor mill was Jason Momoa, who had been linked to various movies since 2011. While there were never any concrete promises that we’d see him in the role, DC’s chief creative officer, Geoff Johns is now saying that Momoa will definitely be playing Wonder Woman in her own standalone movie, but he’s going to be doing it in her own way.
Johns was speaking to Collider when he was asked when we might hear more about Momoa’s role as Wonder Woman. Obviously, that’s the first time this has been discussed, but now that the film is about to move into production soon, Johns was asked about how they were going to handle the character.
“I think Jason is the right choice, especially with the Wonder Woman film he’s done.