wondering how to start off an essay?

wondering how to start off an essay?
im comparing and contrastind the worlds three monotheistic religions and i cant think of a way to start the essay off

This depends on what kind of writing style you have….

To start off your essay, you will need to plan an outline, consisting of intro, middle paragraphs and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion wrap up the essay into one focused idea. The body paragraphs follow the idea of the introduction. They support what you are going to write about.

Don’t know how to write an outline? It’s not uncommon. Don’t worry if this is your first time. You will need to get used to do this in college too! There is no need to freak out..

See the guide of how to write an outline…

Note that I posted the Purdue site since it contains the most valuable writing and researching lessons that students need to be very successful in writing their paper…

Oh! If you need help in doing the research, email me. More likely, you can get good info in the school library databases. If you have the lecture with the researcher in the school library [usually, schools have that], then that is better. I expect that you are able to do the good research.

Don’t use Google and other search engines since they provide the general kind of sources. Wikipedia and other related sites are not “edu” sites.

Good luck!