Works cited in Essays?

Works cited in Essays?
So I’m writing a response essay for my English class and I quoted something from the actual work and got info from a website, so I guess I need to make a works cited page, which i found out should actually be on a page by itself. So if my essay can only be 1-2 pages long, can I add an extra page for works cited? And is it required if I sort of mention it already in the essay itself?

Were you instructed to use a certain format such as MLA or APA? These have specific rules on how to cite on the works cited page. MLA typically had you have a separate page, APA has you put a number by it and then have the number at the bottom of the page with the info next to it. MLA has different formats from the sources also, example for explanation purposes only, not necessarily correct, say a magazine quote would be in italics, an encyclopedia would be with the name first and article title last. Since you said a works cited page, I’d take a look at MLA format on line.

MLA stands for Modern Language Association
APA is American Psychological Association