Would this work for the US economy?

Would this work for the US economy?
Have the US citizens pay 10% of what they make with no loop holes if you make 10$ give 1$ if you make 10billion give 1billion (I’m gonna guess that will give the US 500trillion + each year
. Quit unnecessary spending like dont take air fore one when you could just make a phone call (A1 cost over 100k an hour to fly)………
Also Obama has I think it was 18 speech writers that get payed 800k a year (average)
I’m not saying fire them but don’t you think they can live and be happy with 100k-200k a year? ………..
Also use some of the money from that to help companies that are susuful but are using jobs out side of the US to bring there factories back to the US for more us jobs……
Also I know we have pride in our military but we spend close to 700 billion a year for our defense budget…the only nation who comes close is china and they spend 160billion we could cut to 250-500billion and still be number 1 in military ……..
Quit messing around with enemy’s like the rebels in Syria we try to help them but they hate us as much as there goverment does
If we must help some one with weapons why not the UK, Israel, France, India or any other of our long list of allys
Drill for oil in our own country and stop buying from middle Eastern nations who use that money for there military (and they chant death to ameria)……
Finish the pipe line with Canada…..
Legalize marijuana and tax it like we do other things (this will also get rid of a lot of our prisoners and save us more money…..
Just kill people like TJ lane who said in court “I used this hand to pull the trigger on your son now use it to masturbate to his memory” don’t even wast money to keep them in prison just kill them …..
I think I covered most of what I think

(PS: I’m 14 so I may not know 100% how this all works but this is how I think it should)

Hi, I like your post and reasoning. It was very well written and insightful for a 14 year old. You will go far in life.

A flat tax rate is very good idea that is generally supported by conservatives/libertarians, including myself. Proponents with a flat tax rate agree that it makes paying taxes much easier and avoids excessive complications in the tax code.

Opponents of a flat tax code question the fairness of such a policy. Why should a millionaire pay the same tax rate as a person living in poverty? The millionaire doesn’t need all that money, so give it to the poor. Another reason it probably wouldn’t work is because a flat 10% rate is probably not enough revenue to fund the excessive spending of our politicians.

Drilling for oil in the US is a good idea, which I support, but environmentalists will always dissuade the liberal establishment from adopting such policies regardless of how real or unreal the environmental impact is.

Legalizing marijuana raises a lot of potential problems. Marijuana use not only leads to lower cognitive performance but it is unclear how it would effect drivers, and people who work in jobs that require superior cognitive performance such as: surgeons, air traffic controllers, police officers, etc.

Reducing the size of our military is something that probably makes sense. I think the world wouldn’t be much less safe if our military was reduced 10%. On the hand, the US acts as the police of the World and moral authority. For or against it, these were the cards we were dealt after WWII and a way to deter from another world war beginning. Our military bases around the world allow us to quickly respond to threats realized or unrealized and act a deterrent.

Thanks for all the topics. I am practicing my essay writing and this was good for me to practice thinking and writing.