Writing a college essay?

Writing a college essay?
So I have to do a college essay in my english class, but I’m bad at starting essays and making them long enough. I chose to write about a major impact in my life. I’m writing about how my friend took her life and how it impacted me, but I don’t how to really start it and to go from there. Help?

I suggest you start off as a SEED Paragraph in essay wise.
Do the statement then use quotes how it impacted explain it and develop.
Just use key points do that and repeat for your paragraphs
and use complex sentences to structure your sentences and make it better and enjoyable for the marker and get you high grades.

OR you can start off by saying how old you was when the impact happened or introduce it, where it happened, country lots of small details in the beginning and on the way you will find yourself writing a lot. But use a lot of detail in your writing don’t just rush off to the next paragraph otherwise you will just finish up all of your ideas write like a page and a half and can’t think off anymore to write.

Remember to use a lot of detail structure your sentences.

So like I said, intrdouce the scene how it happened etc and then maybe use quotes that your friend said to you before she took her life, how it made you feel, how u gained strength from it etc…

I hope I helped, I’m currently taking gcse’s in school atm trying to get my 5 A*-C’s its getting pretty difficult so im trying my best lol i want at least over 8 GCSE’s.

Good Luck in your essay, and i;m doing kind of the same thing as you.