Writing a Comparative Essay?

Writing a Comparative Essay?
I need to write a comparative essay on Shakespeare, anything to do with A midsummer nights dream, the tempest or twelfth night. I can write about the movie or book version or how the experience of reading the shakespeare book is different then watching the movie. But I don’t have a thesis. I want to write about something good that has alot of information. Help please?

In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” all the characters wind up with what they want, but in “Twelfth Night” one character, Malvolio, is left discontent and vows “revenge on the whole pack of you.” Therefore, “Twelfth Night,” although a richer and more satisfactory play than “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is less purely comical. The reason for this difference is that love in “Twelfth night” is more thoroughly bound up with self-image and personality whereas love in “A Midsummer night’s Dream” is a function of plot.

Your paper would compare the different portrayals of love in “Dream” to “Night,” arguing that the former is more superficial and more agreeable but that love in the latter is profounder whle at the same time being less fully secure.