Writing a descriptive essay?

Writing a descriptive essay?
I have a descriptive essay due in two hours. I am not sure where to begin. I was going to right about video games but I really can’t think about how to start it.

Advice? Also not sure what it means by descriptive essay.

It means put more description into it. I’ll give you an example that’s simple.

I believe playing video games benefits my learning immensely. Millions of kids play them, and enjoy them, while at the same time learn things without even knowing. I usually play them right after my chores are finished and my homework too. If everyone played video games I think more people would be more intellectually advanced. Video games can positively affect my learning because I can become more social online, build up hand eye coordination and learn to do certain different skills depending on the game.
Paragraph 1- write about how you become more social
P2 write about hand eye coordination
p3 write about the things you can learn from video games
conclusion just restate everything you said but reword it and be enthusiastic if possible it adds color to your writing