Writing a self analysis essay?

Writing a self analysis essay?
How to write a self- analysis?

My first assignment in AP english is to write an essay on self analysis. I have to write purpose,audience, and style…..

What is my style?

THAT IS MY BIG PROBLEM^ how do I figure out what style of writing I have? The teacher said to include diction,syntax, and economy as a part of my style. Please Help!!!

What a boring over extension of such a great topic for an essay. Teachers these days…..
Only good thing about it, is knowing he/she has to read 50+ of these and grade each one.

If it were me, I would first write about myself (perform a self analysis on my writing, likely regarding [purpose] and [audience]), and analyze it as a point-in-case, using supporting arguments to approach the assignments requirements. That way you both address the assignment properly, and have a working model to reference.

[Diction] is about choice of words. [Syntax] is about structure and flow , connecting statements like a formulated web. [Economy] is about using concise [Syntax] with [Diction] that properly maintains a level of writing [Style]. Therefore, your [Style] is made up of these 3 simple constructs.

As a point-in-case for your point-in-case, as it were, I would analyze my previous self-analysis heretofore as being very concise and to-the-point, using simple words in a way that addresses multiple complexes as a means to an end. Thus, my style of writing is quite programmatic and emotionless, lacking most if not all visual properties; reducing-in-length what could be a very detailed study of writing for a class assignment.

Also, don’t write like me lol. Teachers hate the way that I write, because I’m blunt and too honest. They like juicy concepts that flow like water, and most of all, good use of [Diction] to give the writing a sort-of… viscosity.
good luck, hope this helped.