Writing a self reflective essay..

Writing a self reflective essay..
i am supposed to write a self reflective essay for my youthwork course and it has to be on on my morals, how my morals have been affected by my experiences and how my morals would come into the workplace.. however i am a person of loose morals, i am not immoral i jst think that things are more based on situation than one thing in general. How am i going to write a 1000 word essay like that??? lol

Just write about your loose morals and what that means in specific situations. Give examples of occasions that made you realize you have loose morals. And maybe there is somewhere where you would draw a line (f.i. stealing is ok if it is from rich people but not from the poor, or cheating taxes is ok – cheating your partner not etc.) – write about that and why the line is there and not someplace else. Sounds to me like the essay is about your morals in general, not focused on if they are good or bad or loose or tight. They are what they are and somehow you must have developed them as such – I can imagine that can easily amount to a 1000 words.