Writing an essay for an application for an oil field job?

Writing an essay for an application for an oil field job?
I have an application thats asking what kind of qualifications do I have to become a production pumper for this oil and gas company. I don’t even know how to define a production pumper exept for “A person who writes down pump gauge readings and then enters that information into a computer database.” Its also asking what would make me a good employee, I want to fill the entire page but I know that I will be able to fill half of the page with decent information but the other half I’m not so sure about. When it comes to explaining myself and making myself look desirable I’m not the best, any ideas??

After writing the above definition, you can fill in the page by writing in detail about good employee, which may run as follows:-
Most employers agree that good employees should display: dependability, punctuality, initiative, a positive attitude, ability to get along with others, flexibility, motivation, and the ability to perform assigned duties. Most individuals would look at this list of expectations and find it reasonable. They are minimum expectations by employers.No training is provided to impart these characteristics because it is presumed that they possess these qualities >