Writting a college essay?

Writting a college essay?
I’m beginning to write my college essay and it’s supposed to be on a book. What are they looking for when I write about a book I read? Heres what it said.

submit a clear, well-organized essay (500- word maximum) in which you tell us about a book or article you have read, whether you liked or disliked it, and why. Present your ideas in a focused, thoughtful, and meaningful manner. Write in a natural style and support your ideas with specific examples.

When they say to write in a natural style, it means that you should write it in the way you would’ve written any other essay. Don’t be dramatic or look like you’re trying to hard like “it touched my soul”. This means that you shouldn’t overuse the thesaurus. Believe me it might not look obvious to you but teachers, especially college profs., are trained to see whether someone’s writing is genuine or not. And don’t use hard syntaxes that you think might make you sound smart or deep. Unless your writing is naturally analytical and complex, don’t attempt to do it. The only way that you can improve your writing is through practice and keeping an open mind as to what you need to change in your writing. Start of your essay with a short summary. And don’t say like “I liked the book because….” because that’s too common. Write something like ” i think the author’s use of *metaphor, dialogue ect* is effective because it ect”. Of course this is just an example. But my point is to be specific and think more in depth. Just talking about the characters themselves aren’t enough. Always question WHY the author chose to use a certain character, setting and ect.

Actually a five hundred word essay is pretty short. Be glad its not a six page or more essay which many students usually have to do. Focus, thoughtful, and meaningful means to be as genuine as you can. If you didn’t quite understand the theme something in the book, be honest and admit that. However, even if you were confused, you have to explain why it was confusing and what was your attempt in trying to understand that concept; what was your interpretation of it. If you do this in every other essay, eventually, you will gain a natural style of analytical writing that can serve as a basis for years to come.