5 Outstanding Dissertation Ideas on Education

As much as writing a dissertation is about you furthering your own education, the end result of higher education is to make the lives of everyone better. Especially if your field of study is education.

Ideas often lead to questions. This is healthy. By this point in your academic career you have been exposed to a wide-range of ideas and theories regarding (hopefully) all aspects of education. Establishing a broad focus should not be a difficult task. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, a diverse background in your field of study correlates perfectly with the amount of time you have devoted to get to this point. If you still need some ideas to get the creative juices flowing, keep reading.

What are some of the more pressing issues facing education today? Education has always been a controversial topic, but new factors have arisen that have changed the way the world perceives and values education.

Technology has touched every aspect of our lives, especially education.

The Impact of for Hire Universities

  • The price of continuing your education has never been more costly. With the growing popularity of online degrees and two-year associates degrees, are four-year bachelor degrees worth the cost?
  • Present your research, specifically the risk/reward of taking on one (or more) school loans to pay for a degree from a brick-and-mortar institution.

Online Collaborations

  • How has technology affected the way we share information?
  • How has technology affected the way we gather information?

The Impact of Technology on Current Educational Systems

  • This is a great opportunity to discuss the validity of hands-on teaching.
  • Are more resources providing better results to the students of today?

The Challenges of Staying Relevant

  • Is education keeping up with technology? Will technology usurp traditional education as the accepted standard for being “educated”?
  • What are the consequences of this new academic landscape? Who needs a campus or a library with the amount of information available at the tips of our fingertips?

The Cost of Education

  • As touched on above; we know where college campuses are located today, but where are they headed?
  • How will technology play a role in what education is worth?
  • Will a true college campus be relegated to just an image on a website?
  • If the same education is available online, will the college experience only be available for those willing to pay more?