Advice on your study place organization

Setting up a space that helps you study is fun! Whether you need 5 different coloured post-it notes, three computer monitors, or every avenger figurine; if it helps you focus and reduces the number of distractions around you, it’s perfect.

Here are some top tips to help you set up your study space.

Suitable study space locations

It is all about finding a place you feel comfortable and can solely focus on studying with no distractions and little noise. Places like this can be:

  • Your local library
  • Your school

Remove distractions

Your study space should be a No Phone Zone. Make a poster to stick above your desk to remind you.

Enforce a time-controlled block on social media and any other distracting websites on your computer during study times. If you find it difficult to self-enforce this, there are some great apps to help! SelfControl is a great example (for Mac users), or Freedom is a similar app for other PCs.

Get comfortable

Invest in a comfortable and supportive chair, a desk that has enough space for you to open up all of your books and computer and some form of storage (think shelves for folders or baskets).

Ensure you have a good light source, either natural or from a lamp, to keep your eyes in good health!

You want to make your study time as productive as possible so it is crucial that your study environment gives you every opportunity to concentrate.

You will need a place you can dedicate entirely to study. You will need a desk or table with room to work. Consider the lighting – as much natural light as possible is best during the day and a good, strong study lamp for nighttime. You will need easy access to your notes so they should be near you. The environment should be free of distractions – no phone, TV, radio, magazines, etc. You should be comfortable, but not too comfortable… tempting as it can be to study in bed it can prove counter-productive! Your study timetable can be pinned to the wall to help keep you focused. Other helpful things to pin up around your desk are your goals and dreams, motivational statements, theories, formulas, quotes etc.

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Try to surround yourself solely with books/posters etc. that will motivate and inspire you. Minimize the noise levels in your study space, situate yourself as far away from other family members as possible and close the door if it helps.