An example of a report on the protection of the thesis

After you have written your thesis, received all the signatures and prepared everything completely, the last thing remains – protection.

On defense, you must read the report and answer questions from the commission and students.

To make your work a little easier, we offer an example of a report to defend a thesis, as well as recommendations for the presentation.

What does the report consist of?

In essence, the report on protection consists of the introduction and conclusions of your thesis. But first things first.

You build your report as follows:

  • Opening speech. You should greet the commission and its chairman. Be sure to use the word “respected”. Then you introduce yourself and name the topic of your thesis.
  • The content of the work. You read part of the introduction of the thesis: describe the relevance of the work, the object, subject, goals and objectives. Dwell on the problematics.
  • The report should include information on the main sources used, research methods, work structure. Prepare this information, but be prepared to be asked to skip these items.
  • Further you, using the conclusions of the thesis, describe the information and announce the conclusions. You must reveal the essence of the work, without going into details. Use visual materials: video, graphics, slides, drawings. This will add you points when grading.
  • At the end you sum up. Describe whether the goals are achieved. The report should be finished with the words “The report is finished. Thank you for attention”.
  • You will be asked questions, so prepare just in case information that you think might be of interest to the commission.
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How to read a report on the protection of the thesis

It is very important not only what you say, but also how. After hearing more than a dozen reports, the commission perceives for the most part a voice, not data.

Speech should be clear, intelligible, concise. Be sure to say so.

Read from the sheet is not recommended. You can pry, but do not stand, buried in a piece of paper.

Do not make long pauses, but it’s not worth jabbering. Share your text evenly. You have about ten minutes. Do not make the report short, as this will create a feeling of insignificance of the study, but it is not necessary to delay. Optimally – 8 minutes.

Use demo materials. Speaking of what you are showing, do not stand a pillar – use a pointer, a pen or, in extreme cases, hand to point to the right place. This gives the impression of confidence and correctness of the speaker.

Be sure to practice reading the report at home. This is especially true for difficult to pronounce terms and turns.

You will be asked questions. Do not be afraid and do not get lost. Try to predict what questions may be and prepare this information. Answer needs to be short and to the point. If you do not know at all what to say, or if you are asked about something that has not been considered, do not be afraid to answer “this question does not concern the topic of my thesis.” It is better if you explain why it does not concern.

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Be very polite. Give thanks for each question. After the end of the thesis defense, it is accepted to thank the supervisor for their help and participation, as well as the commission and all those present for their attention.


An example of a report to defend a thesis is easy to find. But writing it correctly is not so easy. If you are unable to write a good thesis report, contact us! Qualified specialists will prepare for you an excellent report according to all requirements!