An example of a table of contents of a research paper

Usually a research paper is a small volume of work. However, it is believed that it is necessary to make a table of contents for any works that occupy more than ten pages of printed text. The structure of the essay implies the presence of a list of all the constituent parts with the indication of page numbers, so we decided to show you with examples how to write the table of contents of the essay. In other articles, we described the difference between the content and the table of contents (recall that the table of contents is compiled when all parts of the work are united by one topic). Therefore, for the research paper it is also inappropriate to use the term “content”.

There are three ways to create a table of contents:

  • Manual way. You manually collect all parts of the work, put down the “points” and indicate the page. It is not so difficult, but rather troublesome. In addition, there are some rules that describe how to write a table of contents correctly. For example, all chapters and paragraphs should have a unique title. There is no dot after the names. You need to start the table of contents with an introduction, etc.
  • Autocomplete table of contents. This method is good because you do not need to turn over all the work yourself. However, for this method, it is necessary in advance, before writing the essay, to determine the styles of headings of the first, second and third levels.
  • Work order. This is the easiest and most proven way of all. You simply leave an order on our website, and within ten minutes the authors will begin to offer you their candidacies. You just have to choose a suitable author, according to his rating and rate. Choose which method is most convenient for you and, guided by our examples, compile your table of contents.
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