Analysis Essay: Who is Responsible for the Deaths of Romeo and Juliet

At the beginning of the tragedy, Shakespeare introduces us to Juliet Capulet, the usual careless girl (like many other at her age), surrounded by the love of a caring father and mother, cousin, Tybalt, to whom she is strongly attached, friend of the Nurse that Juliet confides all the secrets, because that, having lost his own daughter and nursed it from infancy. Juliet lives in abundance, her dear noble Verona family.

Who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death?

She’s almost fourteen, however, of marriage she still thinks, deep down hoping to meet his love, although so far this feeling has not visited her heart. Parties and dancing is one of some entertainment studious young girl on the background of ordinary everyday life.

Juliet always submissive to the will of the father and mother – in those days parents were more revered children than in our time. Therefore, at the unexpected offer of the mother to look at the ball to the young count of Paris as a possible suitor, Juliet responds unquestioningly consent.

The girl in the course of hostile relations between his family and the family lady Montague, but this topic was a little worried about her, she remains neutral; the crazy hatred of the Montagues, imparted to her since childhood, (such as, for example, her brother Tybalt) Juliet does not feel, she just means it as a self-evident fact. Juliet that Shakespeare gave not only a big heart but also a great mind, a more reasonable and has his own opinion: it is foolish to try to hate people just because they are “some of the Montagues”, because it is not familiar with them, and for her memories of her personally and her family, initially, they are no hard feelings inflicted!

For the first time Juliet had to really consider that, after the ball, when she managed to fall in love with young Romeo of the Montagues, and expressed on the balcony of thinking out loud on this.

Heart falling in love with Romeo, her mind and parents had instilled in me the realization that the Montagues are evil for their family, enemy, fight each other in her young head. But Juliet still listens to the voice of your heart and common sense wins out over silly superstitions – it is not so dry, not so blind to hate only at the behest of the parents. Who told Romeo that Juliet was a capulet? The Nurse.

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There is no affectation, immorality or false virtues, she is sincere in her feelings, which can not hide what immediately recognizes Romeo, but recollecting himself, afraid that he might find her impulse, as the levity. She’s afraid to make a wrong impression.

Juliet offers Romeo the secret marriage, legal marriage in her opinion, a proof of love. Just so and not otherwise, she can be with him so she behaved.

In the power of new feelings and blind love, she does not think about the consequences; young justify his actions by hope (voiced by father Lorenzo) – naive believing that families learn in the future about their marriage, reconciled for the sake of their happiness. The idea that the spirit of hatred can be stronger and condemn their love to death they are not allowed.

In a rainy day, when Juliet learns from the Nurse of the death of a beloved brother Tybalt, who fell at the hands of her husband, she definitely falls into despair. With her lips frustrated words of reproach to the address of Romeo, as she immediately regrets the love and life of the beloved are much more expensive than my brother’s life and even the lives of her parents together.

This speech, uttered from the lips of such a young and lovely creation a bit of a shock. Juliet is so obsessed with his feeling that they are ready to sacrifice everything dear to her. Maybe she said it in the heat, the rush of emotions and her mind did not think clearly. Because in the end she will sacrifice only myself.

Who dies in Romeo and Juliet?

For the first time Juliet has its own character, prone to a desperate fight when going up against parents and dares to contradict the angry father, thanks, but denying it has received the honor of becoming wife and husband of their choice. For her it is a difficult moment of life, she realizes that the family try for the sake of her happiness, but to reveal the truth can not. Always a loving father threatens to kick her out of the house in the event of cancellation of the wedding, and the mother has the words “leave me alone, you’re not my daughter.”

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So many blows straight down on the head of the poor girl, more recently, who knew no worries and unrest: the death of his brother, the exile of her husband, the future shame, betrayal of her love. In desperation, she tries to find understanding from his faithful Nurse, but she do not end up aware of the strength of feeling of his ward, from the heart advises her to “follow graph.” How old is Juliet in Romeo and Juliet? In this work, Juliet is a young girl of 16, while Romeo is somewhat older.

This was the last straw: the only one who always supported her throughout, came suddenly, Juliet chooses death marriage. Thus, it will remain clean before God, himself and his lover.

Juliet does not consider the options of escape with Romeo, recognition in all parents (in this case, they will be forced to refuse such a noble groom, as Paris) as it can drop a shadow on the honor of the family Capulet. To disgrace his name never!

She readily drinks the potion of friar Laurence, although he suspects that it might be poison. But we have no other choice, Juliet must use the last chance, even if fears are not vain she’s already decided on death, preparing the dagger under the pillow waiting in the wings. All the doubts, the horror overwhelmed her, splashed in her famous soliloquy, what could be worse than suspense: will die or will live worse can only be separated from Romeo. And with the words “Love, give me strength,” she boldly drinks.

In our eyes this girl grows into a heroine! The courage of the young Juliet is manifested at the end of the tragedy when she did not hesitate, remains in the crypt, refusing the salvation which she offers father Lorenzo.

It seems that subconsciously Juliet already knows that he wants to stay here forever, dying with the one you love. She sees no point in its further existence without Romeo, she lived and breathed. How many people died in Romeo and Juliet? Six. Mercutio is killed in a sword fight with Tybalt in Verona. Tybalt is killed in a swordfight with Romeo, who is seeking revenge for the death of Mercutio. The county Paris is killed by Romeo in a swordfight at the entrance to Juliet’s tomb.

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Who killed Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet kill themselves, Romeo with poison and Juliet with a dagger.

And, if it finds the guardian a mystery to be solved, your family will be a disgrace, the parents turn away from it. But hardly the girl thought about it, she acts impulsively and with confidence: finds Romeo’s dagger, enjoying such luck, and pierces himself.

But it’s just a little girl, circling in the dance at the ball in her beautiful dress, among the smiling faces of delighted guests the Juliet’s Love really is stronger than death.

We believe that they are Romeo was found in heaven and smiled, holding hands, watching from above as their parents forever put out the fire of an old feud.

Juliet is a complex character. She was the epitome of loyalty, devotion, courage and eternal youth. Love is indivisible and Juliet, Juliet is love itself. Many tourists in Verona (Italy), where is the House of Juliet, the balcony, where supposedly our heroine exchanging phrases with ardent young men, a bronze statue of Juliet, some see it the Verona. “The wall of Juliet” carefully paste small colorful notes that are written by the tourists, so they came to the luck in love, believing that the goddess of this pure feelings of the young Juliet Capulet will help them find her.

You can even visit Juliet’s Tomb where, according to legend, was buried her remains. Also in Verona what is known as the Juliet Club, an organization made up of several activists who engaged in “mail of Juliet” answer to letters sent from all over the world, with appeal directly to the heroine. Thus Juliet continues to live among us.