The Ancient Interrelationship Involving Astrology and Astronomy

The phrases Astrology and Astronomy are sometimes heard really generally everywhere. The former is normally observed on TV and study in newspapers. Astrology is familiar to us in the feeling that it’s anything we usually consult when it comes to figuring out what on earth is in retailer for us inside potential. It tends to predict what may possibly perhaps come about inside the subsequent several days, weeks, weeks, and also many years. An astrologer, one who reads astrological indications, is generally related to getting a psychic.

Astronomy, on the other hand, is considered of by many to become linked on the stars and heavenly bodies. For several, it can be something additional scientific. Nevertheless, the reality is usually that these two aren’t really different. It could be noted that astrology’s historical past as well as that of astronomy are interrelated with one another. Along with the sad point is usually that, astrology’s contribution to research has become underestimated.

How do these two terms differ and relate?

Astrology’s name was derived through the terms asteer (which means star or constellation) and logos which generally means examine. Nonetheless, to say “the examine from the stars” would not suggest astrology. It actually defines astronomy but this word experienced been formed by putting together asteer and nomos (that means legislation). Thus, the literal that means of astronomy is “the regulation in the stars”.

The name “stars” won’t strictly pertain to all those balls of fire that sparkle and twinkle from the evening skies but also includes the planets and also other heavenly bodies.

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Astrology was just among the many means of predicting potential activities again in Mesopotamia. Other techniques consist of checking the circumstances from the livers of family pets, the occurrences of eclipses, atmospheric phenomena, and also the migration of birds. However, astrology had its strengths which consist of the divine dynamics of the stars, along with the universality of celestial phenomena.

Primitive Zodiacal astrology

This was developed inside think of Chaldaea. In such a strategy, it can be emphasized which the stars aren’t to bring about with the activities or occurrences. These only indicate time but don’t influence or have any influence on items that happen to be sure to transpire.

Horoscopic astrology

This sort appeared throughout the Persian occupation in Mesopotamia. In such a sort, it truly is believed which the specific place of your distinct planets with the time of a youngster’s delivery is the similar point that determines the characteristics and attributes that is going to be on this little one.


Astronomy has grown to be far more formulated and much more contemporary. This has even become quite valuable particularly in science. Here are some kinds of astronomy:

  1. Radio astronomy. This sort of astronomy scientific studies radiation which has a wavelength of over one millimeter.
  2. Infrared astronomy. The detection and examination of infrared radiation are getting studied in this form of astronomy.
  3. Optical astronomy. This could be the oldest type of astronomy and is also named visible light-weight astronomy.

These two ideas, Astrology and Astronomy, may perhaps usually be confused as a single plus the similar thing. Even so, the fact stays that these have survived heritage and that is evidence adequate which they have an effect on people today’s lives and contributes a lot to it.