Argument essay: Gay marriage

People with different sexual orientation in our society in General are pretty cool. One in six (15%) considers them to be ordinary men and women, but do not want to communicate with them personally. Others call homosexuality a disease: a medical nature (20%) or social (15%). Another 20 percent perceive them as extremely dangerous and even suggest to isolate them from society (since 2004 this share grew more than 1.5 times from 12%). Among those who have friends homosexuals, I agree only 4%, and among those in whose company no such people 22%. So, it’s no another essay against gay marriage, we try to get to the truth.

Research paper on gay marriage legalization shows 22% of respondents they do not believe that people should somehow be differentiated by their sexual preferences. Most often this view is held familiar with the sexual minorities personally (55%, two times more than the average for the sample), young people (30% of 18 to 24 years), atheist (30%).

The marriages of gays and lesbians of our compatriots today are more categorical than it was 10 years ago: in 2004, the right to official registration of relationships of persons of the same sex completely refused 59% today 80% (most were men 86%, women 75%). Reduced the proportion convinced that homosexuals are unable to enter into marriage (from 14% to 8%, respectively). Respondents who have friends among homosexuals support this proposal significantly more often (28%). Another 6% admit both positive and negative aspects of this possibility.

The question of what position should be taken by the state against same-sex couples, respondents opinions were divided, but to empower them straight spouses in General offer a few. So, only 3% of survey participants agree that homosexuals should be granted the right to create a full family, including the education of foster children. Another 3% offer to allow them to marry, but without the possibility of adoption.

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Gay marriage research paper gives us one in ten (12%) believes that the government should protect homosexuals from discrimination, but it does not allow them to enter into marriage and take on the upbringing of children. A third of respondents (32%) suggests not to pay much attention to non-traditional, orientation, and they are not to show their biases too demonstrative. More intransigent position is shared by 41% of respondents they said homosexuals should be persecuted.

Reason why gay marriage should be legal

Commenting on the findings, Director of communications, said: “the results of the study demonstrate the value of the boundary between the population of Western countries. Thus, according to the Ipsos Agency, same-sex marriage approve 91% of Swedes, 89% of Spaniards, 82% English, 65% of Americans. The figure is significantly reduced while moving to the East, to countries with a more traditional way: in China, according to sociological services, we see about 40% approve of same-sex unions in Japan just over 50%. But is much here (about 2 times) more conservative than even China. It is interesting that we are moving in counter-current, reinforcing, contrary to global trends, the rejection of homosexuality. Therefore, reasons to allow gay marriage can serve as one of the parameters of national identity”.